Trying a Dance Cardio class

Dance Fitness at Move Group Fitness

Dance Fitness at Move Group Fitness


We’ve all been there—trying dance cardio class for the first time feeling nervous, anxious, and intimidated—not knowing what to expect. Did I bring enough water? What weights do I grab? Why can’t I find a place to stand? Am I the most out of shape here? 
Getting out of your comfort zone and participating in a dance cardio fitness class can be a daunting task, especially during your first class. Like starting a new job, getting to know your surroundings and accepting that things *might* get awkward is just the start.  Whether you’ve never done a dance cardio class before and are panting as you tear it up on the dance floor, here are some things to remind yourself of when trying a dance cardio class:

Showing up is half the battle
Guess what? You booked the fitness class, and you showed up. Give yourself a high-five! It takes courage to try a new dance cardio class, especially if it’s something that’s outside your normal routine. Be proud that you made it and start class on a positive note. Also, try picking a spot in the middle or front of class so you can make the most of your experience and watch the instructor.

Dig the buddy system
There’s something about starting a dance cardio class with a friend that helps to calm the nerves. You’re in it together, right? Leveraging your support system can help you overcome that “OMG what if I fail” fear that can come with trying a different type of fitness. Plus, after class, you can trade war stories and laugh about those super sexy hip moves!

Arrive a few minutes before the class
Nothing heightens your stress level pre-workout like showing up to a dance cardio class and maneuvering your way through a ton of plies and killer moves. Make an effort to arrive early to the studio to get better acquainted with the location, staff, and instructor. This also gives you the chance to ask questions! You can also talk to the instructor or manager about any injuries you may have.  While your dance cardio class should be challenging, you shouldn’t be in pain.

Set an intention before the class
Put yourself in a positive mindset when you walk into class by setting an intention or selecting a mantra to help guide your workout. “I can do this” or “I got this” is a good one.  You’ve made it to a dance cardio class, so why not enlighten your workout with something that makes you smile and feel stronger? Remember, this is your time to make the most of every sweat-dripping heartbeat. 

Yes, it’s a dance cardio class and you’re going to be sore. Ever wake up the day (or several days) after you’ve tried a new workout and you can barely bend down to pick up your shoes? It’s no surprise that soreness is a side effect of working harder. Be prepared for soreness after your new class. Your path to wellness is a personal journey. As you second guess your dance cardio class while barely catching your breath through each move, remember you class for you, no one else. Maybe you love it, or you never want to come back. No matter how you feel, you tried a dance cardio fitness class and that’s what’s important. Here’s to getting a dose of self-confidence and a little badassery.